Due to booming of e-commerce in combination with labor shortage, providers of logistics process automation are seeking for new robot technologies to maintain/expand capacity and reduce cycle time of take-and-put operations

I.AM. proposes to tackle the challenge of reducing the cycle time (and footprint) in take-and-put operations in logistics by exploiting dynamic manipulation, allowing for intentional robot-object-environment collisions

I.AM: from pick-and-place to grab-and-toss




Europe is leading the market of torque-controlled robots. These robots can withstand physical interaction with the environment, including impacts, while providing accurate sensing and actuation capabilities. I.AM. leverages this technology and strengthens European leadership by endowing robots to exploit intentional impacts for manipulation. I.AM. focuses on impact aware manipulation in logistics, a new area of application for robotics which will grow exponentially in the coming years, due to socio-economical drivers such as booming of e-commerce and scarcity of labor.


  • TOSS scenario
  • BOX scenario
  • GRAB scenario
I.AM. has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (call: H2020-ICT-09-2019-2020, RIA) under Grant Agreement No. 871899